Dates & Information

2017 Market Dates:

  • January Tuesday 1/10/2017th / Tuesday 1/31/2017th
  • February Tuesday 2/14/2017th / Tuesday 2/28/2017th
  • March Tuesday 3/14/2017th / Tuesday 3/28/2017th
  • April Tuesday 4/11/2017th / Tuesday 4/25/2017th
  • May Tuesday 5/9/2017th / Tuesday 5/30/2017th
  • June Tuesday 6/13/2017th / Tuesday 6/27/2017th
  • July Tuesday 7/11/2017th / Tuesday 7/25/2017th
  • August Tuesday 8/8/2017th / Tuesday 8/29/2017th
  • September Tuesday 9/12/2017th / Tuesday 9/26/2017th
  • October Tuesday 10/10/2017th / Tuesday 10/31/2017th
  • November Tuesday 11/14/2017th / Tuesday 11/28/2017th
  • December Tuesday 12/12/2017th

2018 Market Dates: Click here

  • January Tuesday 1/9/2018th / Tuesday 1/30/2018th
  • February Tuesday 2/13/2018th / Tuesday 2/27/2018th
  • March Tuesday 3/13/2018th / Tuesday 3/27/2018th
  • April Tuesday 4/10/2018th / Tuesday 4/24/2018th
  • May Tuesday 5/8/2018th / Tuesday 5/29/2018th
  • June Tuesday 6/12/2018th / Tuesday 6/26/2018th
  • July Tuesday 7/10/2018th / Tuesday 7/31/2018th
  • August Tuesday 8/14/2018th / Tuesday 8/28/2018th
  • September Tuesday 9/11/2018th / Tuesday 9/25/2018th
  • October Tuesday 10/9/2018th / Tuesday 10/30/2018th
  • November Tuesday 11/13/2018th / Tuesday 11/27/2018th
  • December Tuesday 12/11/2018th

The price for an outside pitch at Kempton is £75 for a Van & £65 for a Car if pre-booked. Size wise you can deal off the back of your vehicle (roughly the length again of your vehicle, within reason).

Send a cheque / cash / postal order payable to Sunbury Antiques Ltd for the required amount stating in a letter which date you would like. (Sunbury Antiques Ltd, PO Box 155, Shepperton Middx, TW17 9WE) Enclose a Self Stamped Addressed envelope and we will post the ticket back, if you don’t have a return address in the UK, the ticket can be arranged to be collected upon entry, again just state this in your covering letter and we will leave the ticket under your name to be collected on the day. Enclose your email address or contact telephone number so we can contact you directly if need be.  We would like to advise that when pre-booking a ticket please do so at least a month in advance of your requested date.

Casual Traders

A system for casual traders operates where they can turn up on the morning of the market for Outside Pitches, of which there is an extra cost of £10 per pitch. If you are interested in Casual pitches please call us in advance so we can explain what procedures need to be followed upon arrival. The Drive In Entry gate opens at 2:00am . If you arrive before this time please queue in the main entrance car park (vehicles are not to queue outside the gates or surrounding areas of Kempton Park before this time). There is no trading or setting up until 6:30am.

Inside Stalls

Inside Stalls Range from £62 Bronze Ring (Bring Your Own Table), £65 Paddock Hall & Silver Ring (Table Supplied, Standard Trestle Size 6-2.5ft). We allow inside traders to set up from 5am (No trading until 6:30am).

Please note though that most inside pitches are booked well in advance by traders who have had them for some time and thus are not always available, if you are interested call us on 01932 230946 and we will be happy to explain.