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David & Francis Nash – Saltwood Antiques

David & Francis Nash – Saltwood Antiques

Q- How long have you been trading at Sunbury Antiques Market?

A- Five Years

Q- What did you previously do before starting in the antique trade?

A- Started as an apprentice with a well known British clockmaker

Q- What is your most memorable moment at Kempton (maybe something funny)? 

A- The day the alarm was set far too early, as I drove in, there were only two other vans, very spooky.

Q- What’s the best find you’ve ever had here?

A- I never get out to buy, as I do Kempton on my own.

Q- What significant changes have you seen in the trade?

A- The internet the largest single change in the business, my father was a dealer and he spent a fortune on books, nowadays everybody thinks they can just look it up on their mobile. I still believe that knowledge is the key, it helps with the more unique items and fakes. You cannot be an expert on everything.

Q- What’s your style?

A- We always buy what we like, but our key focus is early treen, scientific, religious, arms and armour and the outright weird!

Q- Any key items currently for sale?

A- Japanese Navy shore patrol sword, 18th Century French frieze and a 17th Century, Spanish altar crucifix

Q- What brings you back time and again?

A- It has become our main monthly event, the mix of buyers, trade, prop buyers, collectors and interior designers make for a solid selling day. Everyone is there to buy, yes, we have some interesting negotiations, but it’s not like some fairs, full of “pickers and pokers”. Kempton has a feel about it that you do not get at any other fair.

Q- What is the one thing you cannot live without?

A – My wife, who is the brains behind our business, she will organise fairs, auctions, buying trips and fill my diary up.




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