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Meet Sof at Antique Modern Mix

Meet Sof at Antique Modern Mix

The sun is shining today and a great time to meet our next trader!

Meet Sof at Antique Modern Mix.

Q- How long have you been trading at Sunbury Antiques Market?

A- I have been trading on and off at Kempton for about 25 years and have been a regular attender for the past three years and won’t miss trading there albeit rain, shine or snow!

Q- What did you previously do before starting in the antique trade?

A- I started as a fashion manufacturer and retailer and held club events in London. I’ve been in the furniture trade for 25 years and my love of collecting turned me into a dealer, I’ve had numerous shops in London with one of my most well known being Over Dose On Design on Bricklane.

Q- What is your most memorable moment at Kempton (maybe something funny)?

A- Every fair is memorable, I love meeting all the different people and traders. It’s always the best on a sunny busy day or watching a beautiful sunrise just before we start trading.

Q – What’s the best find you’ve ever had here?

A- Too many to mention, I always find many great things at Kempton.

Q- What significant changes have you seen in the trade?

A- How it’s become a trend lead business and the game is always changing depending on what’s fashionable in the moment.

Q- What’s your style?  

A- Anything goes, we offer an eclectic mix of 20th century design to good quality period antiques. I love the mix of styles & eras.

Q- Any key items currently for sale?

A- My current favourite is a 1970s sofa suite by Tobia and Afra Scarpa for Maxalto, it’s a really beautiful set with Mohair upholstery and Rosewood frames, it’s super stylish.

I have also recently purchased some beautiful pieces of 50s Italian furniture which are currently being shipped over from Italy and can be viewed via our website.

Q- What brings you back time and again?

A- Once you have the bug it becomes a part of you and you can’t fight it, you have to keep trading!

Q- What is the one thing you cannot live without?

A- My daughter, she deals with all the online sales and has taken the business online and been able to reach a world wide audience, we sell via all the platforms and our website.


Twitter: @AntiqueMM




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